Timeline Post by Mike_Johnson8

Hello and thank you! The short and sweet; My daughter absolutely loves Jessie J and we can see that on October 31st, Jessie will be in our neck of the woods playing at the beautiful Van Buren.

 I hope this isn’t an odd question to ask, but my wife and I are fans of other musicians/bands like Pearl Jam and they have fan clubs that provide their members with a bunch of stuff:  info/merch/early access, and such. Is there a place to go and sign up for this type of into/access for Jessie J outside of what’s provided here (for which we are grateful for, thank you!)?

We are a family of musicians and as such music plays a BIG role in our lives, so thank you for all that you do for music and young women across the world!

Cheers All,

Father of a beautiful daughter