Timeline Post by mena h

Dear Jessie,

my name is Magdalena.

Last night I was in vienna at the arena. I enjoyed every single moment of your mind blowing performance.

At one moment during your show, you wished to know, who are the people which are admiring you here.

That’s me: I love you and your music. I am an austrian girl aged 14, love singing, playing piano and tuba, trying to compose – just making music. Upcoming September I will study in a music gymnasium for the next 4 years to learn more about music and to improve my skills. My goal is to become a proffesional musician.

My yesterdays impressions …

When you appear on stage to entertain your fans in front of you, it seems as you are shining like a wonderful bright light … filling up all the audience with your love, happyness, sincerity, authenticity.

Everytime when I looked in your eyes, I saw your pure passion and really honest emontions, pure you.

I was incredlibly happy, when you saw my Dad pointing at me, to get a special kids place in front of the first row. And it happened, I was one of four lucky girls.

As you allowed me to come on stage next to you, I could not believe it. These few minutes – when I was standing joyful beside you, talking with you, singing with you, embracing you – are an experience I will never forget, I was completely flashed.

Please do not care about it, that the vienna guys turned off the power when it was 11 p.m.

My Dad and my brother told me, they never ever saw me so flashed and happy.

The day July 13th, 2018, will stay a part of me for my whole live.

Please come again soon to Austria.

Love you, yours Magdalena