Timeline Post by Mariam_Pirosmanishvili

Hi Jessie! I know you’re not gonna read this but anyway I have a hope so let me start…

I have many dreams I want to come true. Every of them seems so unpossible but hope is everything and I have a hope for hope. One of my dreams is to meet you and then hug you to believe that my dream came true.

I’m from Georgia and yesterday you had concert in my country. I couldn’t came. I’m 16 years old and my name is Mariam.

3 years ago my dance teacher and also my idol was killed. It’s the biggest tragedy of my life. It was 6th august 2016. I was in tears for 3 years because I lost my only friend.

When I saw an event on Facebook that you were gonna come to Georgia I was in tears and so happy but when I saw a date my happiness turned into saddness. Sorry I couldn’t come to see you but I will make my dream come true ever I promise!

You inspire me to be a strong woman,you are the hooman and I love you to the moon and back!