Timeline Post by lucas.benevento0

Hello. My name is Lucas and I am from Argentina. I am truly sorry for bothering you with this message, I is not my intention but we’re desseperate. At dawn on Wednesday 10.02.2019, right after Jessie J’s concert in Buenos Aires, especifically at ‘Emperador Buenos Aires Hotel’, Jessie took a group picture with her phone at hotel’s entrance. We were more or less fifteen people and we’re all waiting for her to upload it on her Instagram –right after taking the picture, she assured she would upload it in this social media-. However, it’s been four days and she hasn’t posted it yet, so we fear she won’t and we’ll remain sad for not having it. I speak for me and the group when I say that Jessie and her music means a lot in our lives and helped us moving forward and carring on complex situations. Also, we’ve stanned Jessie from a long time ago and what we experencied was a once-in-a-lifetime event.

That’s why, through this email, we all ask –if you could- to make her post this photograph or, if not, please send it to me so I can send it to the other fans.

The other ones are not aware of this message and, if you would send it to me, no one will ever know it was from this email address. It is not my intention to annoy anyone, but facing this problem, the only answer I found was writing this email in order to send it to the different addresses appearing in Jessie’s social media and official website.

Thank you so much for taking time to read and sorry for the inconveniences.

Yours sincerely from Argentina, Lucas.