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4 YEARS SINCE MY SECOND ALBUM ALIVE. Second records are the hardest. Beleeeee dat. I am so reflective at the moment.... I look back and watch these clips of this tour (my first and only arena tour) and I see myself so clearly. A London girl that never ever dreamed of this happening. I wrote / directed the creative for this tour and it was truly one of the most memorable times in my career. I had to work so hard and I loved it. I was so grateful for the challenge and the experience. And with my new music now 4 years later. I want nothing more than to work hard enough to play to this many people but all over the world. It's not easy and certainly doesn't happen over night. I'm humbled by my life and what I've been given the opportunity to do. And for real.... I just love to sing to people. Simple. LIVE. Thank you for fucking with me for so long... It means more than you know "CAM ON EVERYBODY" lol so aggressive though Jess



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