25 Nov

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Heartbeats! Did you catch Jessie and Mary J. Blige perform 'Do You Hear What I Hear' on The X Factor results show last night? Hit play and get all Christmassy!!  

  • jessiejrocks2012

    it was beautiful ? ? ?

  • zen

    Awesome! The greatest story ever sang

  • jaycie1

    Ohhhh Mary and jessie thts some futuristic stuff right well noo cause it happened

  • jessiemayfan101


  • jazzyj6

    LOVE LOVE LOVE !!!! :D watched it over and over again! :) has to be xmas no1! loving the new look btw!! :D Heartbeat 4 life! :Dxx

  • Jamiheartbeatx


  • heartjessiej

    it was amazing

  • Emmek_

    Amazing performance, both of you were stunning.

  • NatalieWhite-0272

    Amazing song!