30 Sep

Download New Album Track 'Personal' Now!!

Take a listen to 'Personal', another new song from Jessie's forthcoming album 'Sweet Talker' now! If you pre-order the album on iTunes you can instantly download the track WORLDWIDE!! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!

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26 Sep

Bang Bang With Shazam!

Check out Jessie J bringing a special live acoustic performance of ‘Bang Bang’ to #FeaturedByShazam!! Turns out she’s also afraid of heights. Who knew? Download Shazam on iOS & Android.

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25 Sep

Innuendo Bingo

Fill your cheeks!!! It's Jessie's Innuendo Bingo on BBC Radio 1! Things get messy!

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24 Sep

Listen To Sweet Talker Previews Now!

Yes! Yes! Yes! You can preview Jessie's entire new album 'Sweet Talker' right now! Let her know your favourite song on Twitter! Tweet @JessieJ using #SweetTalkToMe   Click here to listen now!

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